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So You’re here… That was Pointless

June 30, 2011

So you’re here. That’s rather silly, or at least fruitless, because I’m not, at least not yet. But come by again sometime. Eventually this page may host an amazing blog that will interpret the pants off some of the best research in the sociology of religion so that it is naked (so to speak) to the lay observer, meaning anyone who would actually like to do something immediately useful with it, rather than its sitting around in a room filled with sociologists grunting and nodding at each other. No, we don’t really do that, by the way. We’re actually a pretty laid back group of down to earth people, just with a lot of education that sometimes causes forgetfulness and/or willful ignorance of the limited value of research per se without praxis. Self included. So, seriously, take some headache medicine to recover from the eye-crossing length of this paragraph and sheer quantity of commas, and then follow @faithfulchange on twitter and watch expectantly for the next few days to months to years until this project gets off the ground. Or you could read my other, somewhat sporadic blog that is slightly more partisan and/or theological and substantially less focused than this one intends to be. Congratulations for reading to the end of this. To claim your prize, direct message or @reply me on Twitter and I will say something really great about you. Yeah.


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